Hand-work exhibition finished successfully

Hand-work exhibition finished successfully

The three-day exhibition has ended successfully.
Despite this delicate time, many people came, especially on the third day,
and it was a great success.I’m really thankful to you.
Thanks to the cooperation regarding corona, we were able to close the event safely.
We apologize for taking this opportunity to those who are confused or annoyed by the unexpected attendance due to insufficient response.

This time, over the course of 3 days,
I felt that the individual characteristics of the exhibitors became more harmonious
and the density of the venue increased.
Especially on the 3rd day,
people who were familiar with “Haremani Bazaar” opened a store and performed live performances,
and we had a really good time.
The rainbow that appeared when LOLO was playing,
when the energy of the place reached its climax, was really moving.
A rainbow suddenly appeared in the clear sky.In the west or in the east.
The light of hope that everyone sensed and received.
Power to be positive.
It was just like a gift from the stars (LOLO).

We would like to thank all the exhibitors (stores), performers, and visitors.

This is a wonderful photo shared by all the participants.