Haremani Experience Day 2nd.

Haremani Experience Day 2nd.

A day when you can see freely and experience various things.

Date: 2020:September 21 (Monday holiday) -22nd (Tuesday holiday) 11:00-17:00

Why don’t you heal
and charge summer fatigue from detox earth?

You can also handwork experience .
Exhibits of wonderful vessels and clothing dyed with Bengala.

・Visiting the Earth Dome is free.
・Hakko TeaHouse is open.
The menu that is consider of warming and detoxing the body.
(Vegan specifications)

21st 14:00 –
Hot stone (onjag) and salt bowl (salt pot) & hot therapy mini experi
ence using wild grass (about 30 minutes)

Surprisingly, at this time of year, there are many people with cold internal organs.
Why don’t you clean and purify the cold and fatigue,
and take care of it in autumn?
It is considerably warm and relaxes the body.
(Reservation required/Limited more 3)

22 st anytime
“natural clothes “Ametsuchi Hikari”
Bengura dyeing W.S.
(reservation is not required)
“Tanino kama”
wonderful work (vessel) will also be exhibited at the same time!

Paper-cutting mandala W.S.
(until completion)
(please make a reservation)