Notice of “Haremani” experience day in November

Notice of “Haremani” experience day in November

Last of the year –
Feel free to
come and see,
experience day to
experience everything and physical maintenance –

November 21st (Saturday) 12:00-17:00

Please feel free to visit the dome (free of charge)

This time it has become

There is a lot of content this time as well ✨

++ Delicious food

♦️Cosmo Farm Kitchen
South Indian vegetarian curry meals

Noodles using acorns, sandwich baked goods, etc.

♦️manma naturals
Natural organic food that everyone can eat with peace of mind
Manufactures and sells daily necessities that are friendly to the environment and people, including.

Fermented / luminous vegan snack
Home-roasted coffee
Brown rice coffee
Soy milk chai

♦️Salon de breeze
Selling delicious vegetables grown by local grandmas

++ Nice handwork

♦️botanical medicine
aqualom therapy,
distillation & blend floral water,
steamed terra planet dyeing ∞

♦️Terra planet dyeing ∞ Hand leaf
From the Earth

The colors of plants born from the earth
Firewood fire Clothes transferred to
cloth by the power of mountain water

♦️natural clothes
Ametsuchi Hikari

Silk or hemp cotton
Bengara dyeing and vegetable dyeing
Bras and shorts that make you feel relaxed,
shawls, etc.
Bengara Dyeing Workshop No reservation required
(In case of rain, there is no workshop)

++ Special Event!
Please be healed by the sound of a beautiful harp and the singing voice.

♦️Harp Live
♪ Kirana

++ The last is body maintenance

♦️Thai traditional massage

♦️Salt pot
Self-care WS

More details will be added soon.

It gets cold in the morning and evening in
the mountains. Please keep warm.

I’m looking forward to having you with me.

As part of our measures against corona, we ask for your cooperation in bringing in masks.