Introduction of exhibitors at the Hand-held Exhibition

We will introduce exhibitors at the Hand work exhibition♪

I would like to introduc
e the exhibitors of this hand-made exhibition.

It is only the person who l
ives with the earth close to nature respectively.

In this day and age, I think that there are m
any people who feel again how to live in the future.

I want them who choose and prac
tice the way to live with

the earth to actually meet them,
touch the work, and feel the energy ♪]

Terra planet dyeing ∞ 手葉
from the Earth

The color of the plant which was born from the earth is the fire
of firewood clothes which were transferred to the cloth by the power of the mountain water.

I want to create such clo
thes that give peace and joy by wearing a piece of
clothing in my life.

With that in mind, we are j
ointly creating with
nature creatures that are invisible to the
earth, water, wind, and fire.

It is a
great honor to be abl
e to add color to earth Dome's
opening feast✨

I'm looking forward to spending the summer time with you.

botanical anandavana

Plants and flowers
that bring beautiful col

or and harmony to the star of
the earth, pure plants and es
sences of nature were
dyed with firewood

fire, mountain water,
holy water, and wave prayer on the n

atural cloth of lo
w silk and Indian sarasa. 
The end of the west of India A small
village in th

e desert The block
print anandava
na which dyes wi
th woodblocks and plants by the hand of
the craftsman The

medicinal effe
ct and the healing medicine of the
plant such
as distilled water and the c

hincher o
f the plant with high waves can be together with Earth dome i
n the swelling as a new botanic
al anandavana I'm lo
oking forward to it.

natural clothes * Ametsuchi Hikari

Natural fibers such as silk and hemp cott
on are colored by bengled dyeing and
plant dyeing, and bras and shorts, tight, shawls, etc. are made.

it is a presence that touches the
body directly, natural fibers such as silk and hem
p cotton are dyed with dyes born from s
oil and plant dyeing with high medicinal prop
erties, do not tighten
the body, wear it, and the body is pleased.

You can take
a deep breath, relax and relax.
I am creating it with the desire that.

Fibers born from plants and animals grown in the earth.
The color which was born from the plant which grew up in the earth.
Colors born from the earth.
Fibers of plants and animals.
The color of plants and soil.
I like that combination in any way.

Please take a look at what w
as born of my "love".

♦" Bengalla Dyed
WS♦ August 8th.9th.10th 11:00-16:00
No reservation is required.
Choose your favorite color and pattern and enjoy your own original bengara dyeing.
Wipe your hands, bandanas, and T-shirts with benra-dye.
The material to dye is prepared here,
If you have something you want to dye, please bring it with you.
In that case, please use natural materials such as cotton and hemp.
(Please note that thick items are difficult to dye.))
♦ participation fee (material cost included)
Organic cotton T-shirt: 3000 yen child
ren's T-shirt: 2000 yen ,
Tenugui: 1500 yen ,
Bandana: 1500 yen, etc.

◆About Benwara Dyeing
Bengara is iron oxide (second iron oxide) that can be removed from the soil.
Benra dyeing can be dyed with water at room temperature.
It is difficult to put a load on the environment because it does not use fire (no fuel required) and
the dyeing solution after dyeing returns to the soil.

Dry flower slow fores
t spinning the season

The Kibi Highlands are rich in nature in Okayama.

We produce dried flowers a
nd swags for dried flowers
by hand, and we dry f
lowers collected from wild moun
tains and grown without pesticides by hand.

As we grew flowers from seeds and seedling
s every season, harvested them while determin
ing the timing, and dried them, we encountere
d the various beauty of each flower.

Even in the same flower, th
e expression and texture that is born by dryin
g by changing the harvest time.

I think that comb
ining flowers with d
ifferent seasons is a pleasure
unique to dried flowers.

When you empty your min
d and concentrate o
n the flowers, you feel like y
ou're meditating.

It seems to be in th
e quiet forest inside of oneself.

Take a deep breath in the woods.
The smell of old soil.The scent of flowers.
To be connected to flowers.

It is originally one.
I would like to deliver a work t
hat can bring out the beauty of flowe
rs and flowers without breaking them.

Arts & Crafts Village

Homespan (hand-woven) mufflers and shawls.
Shawl with hemp kingfisher dyed and cherry blossom dyeing.
We will exhibit handmade kits for notting cushions.

Mini Notting WS (10 days)
 13:00 – 15:00 (2 hours)
 *Reservation required
 (Comment below this or until Harema)
Make a 10cm square mini cushion with a B5 size wooden frame.
Because the wooden frame can be taken home, it decorates it as a pistry as it is.
You can also make cushions that you can make and connect and sit on.
Can make cushions up to 45cm
We also sell wooden frame kits and wool design kits.

Course fee: 3,000 yen including material costs
What to bring to the participants
 Scissors that cut well
 Meal fork

Arts & Crafts Village