Hand work exhibition on the mountain

Hand work exhibition on the mountain

Haremani Earth Dome
-First exhibition-

Hand work exhibition on the mountain

2020/8/8(Sat.) – 10(Holi.)
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

* “Terra” Planet dying
* Arts & Flavors Village
* botanical anandavana

* Natural closures “Ametschi Hikari”
* Dried flowers spinning the season “Slow Forest

◆ Hand-work experience ♬
Mini Notting WS 10th

Reservation required Make a 10cm square mini cushion with b5 size wooden frame.
Because the wooden frame can be taken home, it decorates it as a pistry as it is.
You can also make cushions that you can make and connect and sit on.
We also sell wooden frame kits and wool design kits that can make cushions up to 45 cm.
Course fee: 3,000 yen
* Including material cost, what to bring to the participants Scissors that cuts well for fork for meals.

◆Mandala Papercut art WS
9th 14:00 ~ (Until completion)

Create a flower of life, which is a booked sacred geometric pattern, with a picture cutter
.Flower of Life (which can be used with flower torus)
is said to be a blueprint for the universe and humans,
and it has long been said that the patterns not only
adjust energy and restore physical and mental health,
but also have the effect of awakening to the person’s original blueprint.
As you concentrate on the mandala picture,
your thoughts become clearer and your feelings become clearer.
It is a very simple task, but it is deep.
Please try to experience it by all means.
The finished mandala can also be made a suncatcher with thread and beads.
Course fee: 2,000 yen

◆Held at the same time♪
Mini Bazaar 9,10th
mini-live 10th

REJOICE (shaved ice shop with homemade syrup) 8-10th
Hakkou teahouse (soybean falafel lunch & drink) 8-9 th
Cosmo Farm kitchen (curry)9 th
Tani no kama (Coffee etc.) 9-10th
Makaramo (spice curry)10 th
Terra (chai etc) 10th
Kokoperi (handmade bread) 10 th
LOLO & Medical Aroma Salon ELF 10 th

◆Live ♬
LOLO (Djembe & Dance)
Tikina & Yayoi (mbira)
Kirana (Harp & Song)

There might be a jump participation, too♪

Parking spaces are limited, so pl
ease come with a ride as much as possible.
We look forward to seeing you.

I hope it will be three days for everyone to enjoy with a smile♪

We are looking forward to seeing you♪