What is Earth Dome?

What is Earth Dome?

<Haremani Earth Dome> is a dome house
built using the earth bag method.

The earth bag method is a simple and unique construction method
in which mixed soil is packed in a long tubular sand bag, beaten, stacked, and shaped.

*Please refer to “Small Dome” and “Large Dome” on the “Gallery” page for the state of architecture.
*For more information on the earth bag method, please visit the “Japan Earth Bag Association” website.

Six years have passed since we started building from the dome.
At first, it was a challenge because it was ignorant of architecture.
I experienced a lot of problems that I didn’t expect,
but I was finally able to get here.

I think that the charm of the building by this method
is the high degree of freedom because of the soil making,
and the texture and presence not found in other buildings.

You can see the inside of the dome from here.