About use

About using Earth Dome

“Haremani” was created with th
e image of being a bridge that connects to the new earth in the new era.
I wanted to create a space where I can feel and connect with nature (the earth)
and transfer to the new self of the earth.
Although it is an unfinished Earth dome after 6 years,
we have managed to prepare a system that can only sail.
Although there are still many problems, it is a stage like a test cruise,
but I would like to proceed while sharing what I can share.

What can you do with Earth Dome?

Example of use As a place for learning such as workshops and training,
as a place for music and art expression, performances and practice,
as a healing place for retreats and body care,
as a gallery, theater, cafe, and for nature-oriented and
self-made people As a place for living techniques
that are not bound by existing methods and frameworks,
techniques and information sharing such as clothing, food, and housing,
experiments and exchanges, and a place for realizing plans with thoughts… Various uses are possible.

We expect regular plans to come out, but since the Earth Dome is still unfinished,
we are welcoming you to monitor and experiment.

Terms of use

Please consider the surrounding area (people, transportation, natural environment).
Please refrain from using for purposes whose
purpose or purpose is not clear, or to make loud noises or make noise at night.

The usage charge is currently not set as detailed as monitoring.
Depending on the number of people and the purpose,
for private use with a few people 5,500 yen once (half day),
11,000 yen per night, for more than 10 people (workshops, practice sessions, etc.)
550 per person The usage fee is JPY (1,100 JPY per night).
In addition, for projects with sales and admission fees,
we would like to receive 10 to 20% of the sales (depending on cooperation etc.) as a usage fee.
(In any case, if you use the adjacent hall with a flush toilet, it will be +1,500 yen per day.)
Please note that the facilities are not yet fully prepared.
Earthdome construction and operation is still expensive.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Visit etc.

There is no charge for a moderate tour to look inside while you are a manager.
(However, please feel free to contact us as it is limited during your stay.)

For guided visits with a time frame (Around an hour),
we will charge 2,000 yen per person with drinks and sweets.
(1,000 yen per person for more than 2 people)
We may not be able to provide guidance on some days,
so please make an inquiry and make a reservation.