COVID-19 Response Policy

About correspondence policy about COVID-19

As a response to the COVID-19, we will carry out as follows.
It can be said that there is low ventilation risk in “Haremani” with sufficient ventilation,
but there is a risk that unexpected risks may occur, such as when there are multiple visitors.
We apologize for any inconvenience,
but we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding the following measures.

・Hand washing, disinfection and cough etiquette are recommended.
・We regularly check if ventilation is adequate.
・Keep in mind that a large number of people do not gather in a place with insufficient ventilation.
・Please prepare a mask to prevent intimate contact and if there is a possibility.

・If you suspect an infection, or if you become infected and feel fever or have an abnormal physical condition, you should undergo medical examination at a medical institution and observe your health for a certain period (until the abnormality is resolved).
If an infection is found, we will immediately ban the area and disinfect it.
Personnel concerned are requested to self-isolate for a certain period after closing and disinfecting.

There are many unknowns and arbitrary elements regarding this virus (COVID-19),
and because there is insufficient information,
I think that there is a part that you can not even take measures.
As an effective measure against any infectious disease,
we have been careful to wash hands, disinfect, cough etiquette, etc.,
and wear a mask as much as possible when an infectious disease such as fever is suspected. ..

Keeping in mind the information related to COVID-19,
I would like to take appropriate measures in the current situation,
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Caretaker TAKE&hiro