Access to Haremani

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Location: Takaya 561-1, Kibi Chuo Town, Kaga District, Okayama Prefecture

The main access will be in the car.
There is also a bus, but the number is small and it is far from the bus stop, so be careful.

The approximate time by car is
20 minutes from Kayo Interchange (towards Hirosh
ima), 30 minutes from Okayama Interchange and Sosha Interchange (Sany
o area), 40 minutes from Ochiai Interchange (Sanin
area), 20 minutes from Okayama Airport, and 50 minutes from Okayama Station.

Buses from Okayama City (Okayama Station) run four or five round trips per day.
The nearest stop is Kaminoguchi in Kibi Kogen City, but it takes 3,40 minutes on foot.For more information on the bus
(pick-up and drop-off is required), please visit the Chutetsu Bus website.

If you are coming from Okayama Station or Okayama Airport, you can rent a car.
You can choose from 3,000 yen to return on the day.
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